Best Quality

All 5B lines products made from Belgium import formula for assurance best product quality.

Easy to Use

5B lines products are very easy to use and consume valuable time for personal & professionals with clear guide lines.

Professional Assistance

5B lines give professional assistance 24/7 in case of any trouble.

Our Products

The Main Goal Of 5B Lines

Car Wash provides you the best environmentally friendly spa service ever. We know out of the experience the best ways to give your car the showroom makeover it richly deserves. We are environment-friendly and care for our planet as much as we do for our customers.

Our goal has always been to use eco-friendly and biodegradable materials so that we remain as the best eco-friendly service provider.

More About Us

We are the pioneers in Car wash using our advanced car care system-CCS which is a unique state of the art technology for your cars and SUVs.

Bike Products

Computerized wheel balancing & alignment is provided in Car Wash besides the steering wheel alignment.

Car Products

Our superior micro foam cleaning with car shampoo ensures you have an amazing windshield with clear vision.

Home Products

We not only take care of the external body and underbody, but also the interior detailing is carried out meticulously.

Industry Products

We have set the industry norm in turnaround time of just 3 hours for normal wash and 6 hours for deep cleaning.

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